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Let’s decode the story behind your numbers and see how well they’re aligning with your business goals. I've come across pretty much every major issue that business owners face.


You have an inkling of an idea to do something different to everyone else….


Your business has been running for a few years, and you probably have an accountant on board…


You’re running a successful business but have your eye on retirement and that…


So, what’s all this buzz about SMSFs, and are they right for you?

Planning for Retirement

You’re running a successful business but have your eye on retirement and that awesome RV that’s calling your name. You can picture yourself sitting with your better half (be it human or canine) down by a billabong somewhere in the outback – true grey nomad style. Or sipping cocktails on a beautiful beach while kokomo plays gently in the background.

How can we make that a reality? Planning, planning, planning.


  • What’s your plan for moving on from your business? Are you thinking of transitioning to family members, or selling out? Whichever way you choose, there’s planning to be done to ensure that it’s a successful transition.
  • Let’s review your business operations to ensure the business is in the best possible position for transition. This may involve a review of:
  • The current figures – what story will your numbers tell of your business?
  • Future projections – will the forecasts look appetising to a potential investor?
  • Staffing – what are the plans for staffing upon transition?
  • Once we’ve got a clear picture of what the business looks like, lets put together a plan to make it look a million bucks (or more) given your plans around timing.
  • Working with your other advisors – investors, financiers, business brokers, financial planners – lets get the most out of all your years of hard work and get you well placed to sail off into the sunset.
  • And of course, we’ll cover off on the usual tax, accounting and ASIC requirements.

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